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Don't take on a warehouse lease without a survey

Our Independent Structural Warehouse Surveyors are all Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS qualified and will save you time and money either when you are leasing the warehouse initially or when the lease comes to an end.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant we will save you time and money.

We have surveyed over many years everything from industrial start up units to large warehouses, industrial units and distribution facilities.

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3 reasons why you should use our Independent Specialist Warehouse Surveyors

  1. 1 Our very detailed Schedule of Condition protects you and limits your liabilities saving you Time and Money
  2. 2 We are Independent and specialists 100% focused on you
  3. 3 We provide comprehensive structural reports focusing on the costly main issues

It goes without saying we are Specialist Warehouse Surveyors


Leasing an Industrial Building?

Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

Our Independent Building Surveyors can act for both landlords and tenants. We can provide tailor made reports giving balanced and accurate advice helping in the negotiation process. We can provide pre lease Schedules of Condition, Interim Schedules of Condition and end of lease Schedules of Condition. Our Schedules of Condition are essential in providing a detailed report of the condition of the industrial commercial property saving our clients both time and money.


WAREHOUSE Independent Building Surveyors


Why are our surveys the best?

Our Surveys are written in Plain English with many photos and unique survey sketches to ensure they are clear and easy to understand

Our Building Surveyors use the latest technology including thermal imaging cameras particularly important for Energy Performance Reports

Our Schedules of Condition include Action Required information recording what action is needed which most Surveyors do not include

We store survey photos and survey information for many years helping to support our clients

We are always happy to meet our clients at the property to explain any issues and understand your situation

We carry out paint thickness measurements to identify if metal cladding requires redecoration

We look above suspended ceiling systems checking for any issues and if insulation is present

If you are thinking of leasing or buying a warehouse we can provide you with:

Property Reports and Schedules of Condition
Commercial Building Surveys
Dilapidations Reports
Scott's Schedules
Strategic Dilapidations Advice Reports

Industrial building small or large?

Whether the industrial building you are leasing today is small under 10,000 sq ft, medium 10,000 to 20,000 sq ft, large 20,001 to 29,999 sq ft or very large over 30,000 sq ft our Independent Building Surveyors can help. You may have outgrown your current facility and looking to terminate your lease or your lease is ending then a Schedule of Condition from one of our experienced Surveyors will not only save you time but money too.

Mistakes tenants often make

A mistake tenants often make is that they believe they can hand back the building in the condition that they took the building on at the start of their lease. Whether you are a tenant or the landlord it is best to know your responsibilities and liabilities before you take on the lease and manage future liabilities. Our Specialist Warehouse Surveyors are a free phone call away and will save you time and money 0800 298 5424

Remember Dilaps are as certain as death and taxes

Dilapidations are as certain as death and tax today and can be extremely costly so protect yourself with a Schedule of Condition. Dilaps often start at tens of thousands of pounds then run up to hundreds of thousands of pounds - you will be surprised how expensive they can be. Protect yourself and have a structural report or a property report or a negotiation document or a schedule of condition carried out by our Specialist Surveyors.

Need a warehouse survey?
We are certain we can save you time and money
We can provide testimonials and examples of our surveys

Over the many years our specialist Warehouse Surveyors have been carrying out surveys and giving dilapidations advice we have a wide range of experience of the various industrial units from small to very large. We have a vast database of example surveys and are happy to provide an example nearest to the commercial building you either own or lease. Show your solicitor - we are sure they will not have seen such detailed and comprehensive surveys. Either download an example from our website or free phone us 0800 298 5424 today.

Industrial buildings and warehouses useful information

Why not take a look at our useful information on industrial buildings and warehouses we have written to help and guide our clients


All our Independent Building Surveyors are Chartered Surveyors and Members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and/or Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association (ISVA) and have years of surveying experience. warehouse