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Have an independent survey on your warehouse

Our Independent Surveyors have a wealth of experience with warehouses surveying every size, age and type of warehouse across the UK for many years.

If your warehouse is for retail, leisure, industrial or commercial usage we are here to help.

Leasing or buying a warehouse

Whether you are leasing or buying a small, medium, large or very large warehouse having independent property advice is essential either prior to leasing or purchasing or whilst occupying or owning the warehouse.

Property issues

We appreciate warehouses are essential for any business and ensuring that the building is appropriate for your operation, is in good condition as well as being well maintained is a priority we can help with.

We can provide essential warehouse advice 

Pre-acquisition advice

Schedules of Condition

Property Reports


Structural building survey

Reinstatement cost appraisals

Expert witness reports

Examples of our warehouse surveys


Example surveys

For further examples of our surveys on all types, styles and eras of commercial properties call us on

Free phone 0800 298 5424

and we will be delighted to forward them to you.