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After being served a large Dilapidations claim by a particularly difficult landlord and a complicated lease with several onerous clauses you successfully substantially reduced our liability.  Independent Surveyors certainly work for their clients saving costs and making the whole process easier to deal with due to your expertise and hard work.  Thank you, we highly recommend your services.  

Chief Executive, City of London.

Our survey sketches make our surveys easy to understand

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Thanks to your help and no nonsense approach a leaking warehouse roof and related dampness issues have been identified and resolved with unparalleled specialist advice.  Your easy to read structural commercial building survey with common sense advice and straightforward cause and affect descriptions together with action required guidance has made the whole process easy to understand and address.  Excellent service.

Company Secretary, Hertford.

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A Schedule of Condition with clear descriptions, excellent photographic record and helpful action required section has saved us money and helped to establish what works were necessary when we vacated a warehouse for larger premises. 

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Hiring an Independent Surveyor to prepare a Schedule of Condition we believe is essential for any warehouse owner or leaseholder.

Mr M, Finance Director, Guildford.

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