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Schedules of Conditions

Do you own or lease a traditional warehouse or modern industrial unit?

1960s warehouse

Traditional warehouse

Large warehouse

Structural frame warehouse….

Our specialist Warehouse Building Surveyors working on your behalf will save you time and money

Why choose our Surveyors?

Whether you have a large scale manufacturing unit, major distribution warehouse, business park development, starter unit, workshop unit or are part of a sub-divided multi-use industrial building then a survey from one of our experienced Commercial Building Surveyors is essential.  Our Surveyors have in-depth knowledge of the sector with hands-on experience with all types and eras of industrial buildings from small to very large across the country.

We can provide Schedules of Condition either pre-lease or during the lease to protect you and limit your liabilities – dilapidations can be very, very costly so don’t delay contacting us for a Schedule of Condition free phone 0800 298 5424

What makes our Schedules of Condition better than our competitors?

Action Required

We include an Action Required section in our Schedules of Condition which most Surveyors do not include this, we believe, is extremely helpful and can help save time and money too.  Most Surveyors only include a description and condition item in their Schedules of Condition whereas with our reports having an Action Required item alongside the description and condition helps to identify whether the issue could cost a few pounds to several hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

For example on a Schedule of Condition on a wall that is painted there may be a note in the condition item stating that the wall is marked which at a later date could be argued whether is requires a sponge to remove the mark, painting over the mark itself or painting the whole wall or even painting the whole room to rectify this issue.  The cost for this action therefore could cost a few pounds for minor action to hundreds or even thousands for the whole room to be redecorated.

Our Action Required item in our Schedule of Condition outlines a specific action.  Landlords will not always accept the action required (in fact most don’t) but by having a record of what we originally believe the action required was on our files for our clients to use at a later date when a dilapidations claim is made will protect you and limit your liability. 

Warehouse photos stored for many years

Our Commercial Building Surveyors use the latest digital cameras and take hundreds of photographs of the industrial units and warehouses that they survey for our clients.  Photographs are taken externally from roof top to ground level and include parking and loading areas with the internal photographs showing behind suspended ceiling systems to defects in the floor all giving a detailed photographic record of the commercial building at the time of our survey.  Within our survey reports the photographs are further supported by individual captions to ensure that the area being shown is clearly defined.

We have a vast Content Management System where all our clients photographs are stored for many years which can be called upon in years to come if a Dilaps claim is lodged.

Surveys written in Plain English

We have developed our surveys over many years working in the commercial building sector and understand that our clients wish to have clear, readable surveys written in plain English rather than being full of technical jargon.  If there is a need for a technical term within the survey report then we help by clearly defining the term to ensure that our clients are informed and understand the issue clearly.

For example:

Interstitial Condensation Defined

This is where moisture is present within the structure of a building. The more moisture it contains, the bigger the vapour pressure and the smaller amount of moisture, the less vapour pressure.

Unique Survey Sketches

Over the many years our Commercial Building Surveyors have been carrying out surveys, schedules of condition and helping with dilapidations we have produced a vast collection of survey sketches unique to our practice.  Our sketches assist along with our photographs and descriptions to ensure our clients are fully informed regarding different areas and factors of the property.

For example:

Our Surveys contain Clear Unique Survey Sketches

Structural frame

Sheet roof anchor bolts…
Box gutter vegetation…

Moss covered sheet …

We are Independent

Often Surveyors are tied in with a financial institution whereas all our Commercial Building Surveyors are Independent which means that they are 100% impartial working purely for their client and 100% focused on getting the best report and result too.

Fast response surveys

Where commercial decisions often need to be made quickly you can rest assured that our Building Surveyors react fast to your survey requirements producing detailed survey reports swiftly but always with attention to detail.

Our Surveyors use the latest technology

All our Surveyors are equipped with the latest technology including thermal imaging cameras.

We understand that the Energy Performance Report on your industrial unit or warehouse is extremely important – you don’t want to loose heat which can cost you an enormous amount of money.  Thermal imagery identifies areas that are losing heat and other related defects which can then be adjusted or repaired resulting in huge energy savings.  Another reason why you should call our Surveyors today free phone 0800 298 5424.

A note, of course thermal imagery cannot be carried out during warm weather.

Paint thickness testing by our expert Surveyors

The paint coating on metal cladding sheets is measured by our Building Surveyors using the latest technology identifying how weathered the metal sheets have become and aiding in the understanding of when redecoration either has or should be carried out.  Whatever size warehouse or industrial unit you have a large proportion of the building often has metal cladding sheets so clear identification of the condition aids the tenant if a dilapidations claim is lodged.  

Be protected with a Schedule of Condition.

Above the Suspended Ceiling Systems Inspected

Suspended ceiling systems are common in many industrial premises and can be an area of concern.  Our Commercial Building Surveyors are happy to look above the suspended ceiling systems to inspect the condition and identify any problem areas.  With heating and Energy Performance Reports of paramount importance to our clients this action helps identify such issues as cracking above the tiles and no insulation which means that you are heating the local area rather than your industrial building – something that will save an enormous amount of money once rectified.

Our Surveyors are happy to use cherry pickers

The best way to inspect a roof is to have access to view it and with a cherry picker our Surveyors are happy to reach heights necessary to inspect the roofs of industrial units and warehouses.  Roof repairs can be very costly and a clear description of what is required helps when negotiating with your landlord regarding this area of the property.

Our Surveyors also use remote controlled quadcopters equipped with cameras to video commercial buildings reaching areas that are often difficult to view conventionally and aiding in the identification of any property problems.

Strategic Advice Reports

Strategic Advice Reports or Best Advice Surveys are a valuable aid if you are a leaseholder.  Our Surveyors can provide Strategic Advice Reports to help our clients and save them money too.  When instructed our Commercial Building Surveyors are happy to negotiate directly with their client’s landlord with years of experience in this field often resulting in huge savings for their clients.

For example:

A client was served a £140,000 dilapidations claim and after negotiations between our Surveyors and the landlord we reduced the claim to £40,000

We believe negotiate, negotiate, negotiate to get the best scenario for our clients but also are aware that time is important too.

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If you are buying or leasing an industrial unit or warehouse it is essential to have a survey carried out by our experienced Independent Building Surveyors, we can help you save time and money together with limiting your future liabilities.

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