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Dilapidations Solutions

Our Warehouse Independent Chartered Surveyors specialise in Dilapidations claims and assessments for tenants and landlords. 

Our Dilapidations objective for your business

Dilapidations claims are on the increase and with our high standards, attention to detail, quality and efficient service we can help you reduce your costs.

We identify the best approach and with our negotiation skills achieve the best results for our clients reducing their liabilities.

Dilapidation Survey

Protect your warehouse

Landlords need to protect their asset with terms and conditions set out within their leases.  A Schedule of Condition legally appended to a lease helps to ensure your tenant is aware of the condition at the time of taking on the lease and can be used to ascertain whether a tenant has maintained the warehouse in the condition set out in the lease.

Schedule of Condition

Disputes between landlords and tenants often occur at the end of a tenancy agreement.  A Schedule of Condition, which has been prepared at the beginning of the lease, helps to define what needs to be cleaned, repaired and or replaced at the end of the agreement.  Negotiating the Dilapidations claim will be easier and less hassle with a Schedule of Condition as liabilities and accountability for any repairs or losses can be addressed and negotiated.

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